• Urban Food Systems Workshop Report

    In June 2016, Georgia Tech and the Georgia Tech Research Institute released a report entitled “Urban Food Systems: Workshop Report on the Potential for Growth and Innovation in Commercial Scale Urban Agriculture at the Nexus of Food, Energy, Water, and Transportation Systems.”  Sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the report summarizes the findings of two workshops and makes recommendations for funding research within NSF’s new Innovations in Food, Energy, and Water Systems research initiative. 

    More than conventional agriculture, urban agriculture presents the greatest and most immediate opportunity to fully integrate food, energy, and water systems owing to the proximity of human, industrial, water, power, and transportation resources in cities. But while small scale urban agriculture is growing as a practice, progress at the commercial scale is hampered by many technological and knowledge barriers. The workshops surfaced, and the report conveys, 25 research topics that address barriers to commercial scale urban agriculture and the integration of food, energy, and water systems. Included among the 25 are:


Core Research Areas

Food/Water/Ecology Nexus Graphic with text overlay, "Infrastructure Ecology."
Clear, blue water being poured, with text overlay, "Provision of Clean Water."
Engineering lab scene with text overlay, "Sustainable Engineering Education."
Image of solar panels with wind generators in the background with text, "Sustainable Energy."
View of melting polar ice from high altitude with text, "Climate Change."
Hazy view of Atlanta skyline with text overlay, "Air Quality."
Electron micrograph of a nano material with text overlay, "Nanotechnology."
Diagram of how the synergy of green infrastructure elements lead to greater sustainability with text overlay, "BBISS Research Projects."

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